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    Grease trap cleaning is essential for preventing grease build up and odors around your work place. In order for a grease trap to work efficiently is necesary to have a reliable company that can assist with the proper tools, chemicals and regular maintenance schedule. Restaurants have much greater quantities of grease waste than the average homes; therefore, cleaning the traps is required more often.

    While it is highly-important to execute maintenance work on traps frequently, it depends on how often and how much grease goes through the drain into the grease trap interceptor as to exactly how often it should be cleaned. The state requires that you have the grease trap cleaned every 90 days or less. The objective is to keep the grease trap as clean as possible on a regular basis by removing the oil residue and disinfecting the trap with an antibacterial solution.

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    Hood Cleaning

    Our kitchen exhaust & hood cleaning service insures that your kitchen operates clean and safe, according to NFPA 96 standards as well as your Local authority having jurisdiction. Our professional team of technicians will properly clean and maintain your system every 90 days or less, depending on your grease volume. Improperly maintained commercial hoods and kitchen exhaust systems directly impact the safety of your employees, customers and the community. It turns your workplace into a fire hazard
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    Grease Trap Cleaning

    Grease trap cleaning is essential for preventing grease build up and odors around your work place. In order for a grease trap to work efficiently is necesary to have a reliable company that can assist with the proper tools, chemicals and regular maintenance schedule. Restaurants have much greater quantities of grease waste than the average homes; therefore, cleaning the traps is required more often.

    Grease Duct Repair

    If you are looking to get a hood cleaning, grease trap cleaning, used cooking oil pick up, fire suppression, fire extinguisher, fan repair, belt replacement, filter cleaning, or grease duct repair company in your area we can help. We are fully licensed and insured. Currently holding a FDNY license, NCFD license, DEC permit and NYC BIC license .

    Fire Suppression

    Fryers, and ranges each present a unique fire hazard. These hazards can be eliminated with a well maintained and up-to-date kitchen fire suppression system. We will plan and construct the fire suppression system that suits your needs. To ensure the system will function properly, we also provide semi-annual maintenance inspection. If you simply need an inspection of your current fire suppression system, a recharge, or a complete installation, give us a call for a free quote.

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    There are a lot of restaurants in New York City. Each one offers a variety of mouth-watering dishes. Are you one of the restaurant owners in New York? How do you manage to keep your restaurant clean all the time? How do you handle grease build up in the kitchen?

    One of the important things to deal with as a restaurant owner is cleaning your grease traps. Grease traps are required to be cleaned every 90 days or less. In order for a grease trap to work efficiently, you need to have a reliable and professional company which can assist you with the proper tools and equipment, chemicals and regular schedule.

    Grease Trap Cleaning NYC is your trusted partner for all your grease trap cleaning needs. We are a full-service liquid waste management company specializing in 24/7 grease trap cleaning services. It is our goal to simplify your waste management needs by offering an effective solution to all your needs. We are the most trusted grease trap cleaning NYC due to our excellent and top-notch services.

    No matter the size of your waste handling need, Grease Trap Cleaning NYC can fulfill your operational and regulatory requirements. As our customer, your daily operations and compliance needs receive our highest priority.

    We know that restaurant grease trap cleaning is essential to any owner. That’s why invest only in the best cleaning products in the market for our restaurant grease trap cleaning services. Our fleet of vehicles are also individually sized and equipped for collection and processing of:

    • Grease Trap Waste
    • Domestic Septic Waste
    • Parking Lot Drainage Sludge
    • Bulk Oil System Services
    • Bulk Cooking Oil

    When you need a full-range grease trap cleaning service company that meets the demands of the foodservice industry, then we are the right choice. We guarantee to handle all your liquid waste management needs. From waste collection to processing, you can be ensured that our waste management team treats service and compliance as core daily values. We understand that restaurants have much greater quantities of grease waste than regular homes. Therefore, grease trap cleaning is required more often.

    While it is essential to execute maintenance work on traps frequently, it depends on how often and how much grease goes through the drain into the grease trap interceptor to know exactly how often it should be cleaned. We recommend grease trap cleaning every 90 days or less. This is to keep the grease trap clean as possible on a regular basis.

    What sets us apart from our fellow grease trap cleaning companies is our unmatched customer service. We always strive for excellence that’s why we always give our best in every job entrusted to us. Get the peace of mind you deserve with our world-class commercial grease trap service.

    The actual commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning guidelines are outlined in the National Fire Protection Association Standard 96 otherwise known as the Standard for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations (NFPA-96 Standard). The NFPA-96 Standard provides the quality safety necessities associated with the planning, installation, operation, review, and maintenance of all personal and public kitchen operations. All commercial kitchen operators and kitchen exhaust hood cleaners must observe strict compliance of this regulation.

    According to the standard, the majority of restaurant fires originate on the kitchen cooking appliances and flare into the kitchen exhaust systems. Regular maintenance of the exhaust system is one of the best defenses against fire hazards. By keeping the kitchen systems working properly, they will clear the smoke and grease out of the building. This will produce a cooler, cleaner kitchen and a better working environment for the staff.

    Grease Trap Cleaning NYC is your friendly provider of commercial grease trap cleaning services. We are a locally owned and operated company rendering services in New York and its surrounding areas. Our fully licensed and expert team will work with you hand in hand to provide you with the highest level of service.

    We are the most trusted company for grease trap cleaning Long Island, grease trap cleaning New York, grease trap cleaning Brooklyn, grease trap cleaning Manhattan, grease trap cleaning Queens, grease trap cleaning Staten Island and grease trap cleaning Bronx.

    We offer a full range of grease trap cleaning services to ensure your protection and compliance with state rules and regulations. Save money for grease trap cleaning cost and stay protected knowing that we can handle the job well.

    We always walk that extra mile for our customers that’s why we make sure to leave no work undone. We have built our business through recommendations and referrals. As such, we have established our own name in the industry.

    A grease trap is a device that separates fats, oils and greases in wastewater discharges. Any food service establishment dealing with grease and oil should have a grease trap installed. Grease traps can be outdoors, in-ground or even under-the-counter.

    Grease traps in restaurants are designed to trap fatty oils, greases, and sludge, and to separate the oils from the water. These substances pass through a catching system, that gives them the time to cool off and solidify, and then the water passes through the drain.

    Below are some reasons why routine grease trap cleaning is important.

    • Grease traps should be maintained to work effectively in keeping your grease trap clean.
    • NFPA-96 Standard requires that these traps remain clutter-free and functional. Failure to comply with the standard can cause a problem for your business.
    • Grease trap cleaning should be done every 90 days or less for best results. This will minimize foul odors emanating from the trap, thus preventing it from overflowing into the streets or your business.

    1. Grease Trap Cleaning Services
    Grease trap cleaning is important to effectively maintain grease traps in foodservice establishments. In most cases, local state regulation requires a routine grease trap cleaning frequency depending on factors such as:

    • Size of the grease trap
    • Measured thickness of the grease and sludge
    • Type of foodservice establishment
    • Volume of food produced
    • Seating capacity
    • Quantity of wastewater producing fixtures

    We offer affordable, reliable and flexible scheduling options to meet the demands of the foodservice industry. We specialize in routine grease trap cleaning and 24/7 emergency services.

    2. Grease Trap Pumping
    Grease trap pumping is the process of removal of foodservice industry wastes such as fatty oils, greases, and sludge. This is done by using powerful vacuum equipment which is usually attached to a truck. The wastes are then pumped out and safely removed, and these are either environmentally disposed or in some cases recycled.

    Grease trap pumping cost depends on a certain number of factors like grease trap size, location, and access. Small grease trap interceptors’ estimates are quoted at a flat rate price while pricing for pumping larger grease traps are determined on a per-gallon rate due to the nature of their size.

    While some restaurant owners forget to have their regular grease trap pumping schedule, it is important to strictly follow your own. Having your grease trap pumping completed on a scheduled basis can help reduce grease trap cost. At Grease Trap Cleaning NYC, we do our best to give all our clients a regular cleaning schedule to allow us to provide the best pumping rates available. Another wonderful benefit of scheduled grease trap pumping is heading off costly emergencies like clogged sewer lines before they happen.

    3. Grease Trap Interceptor Cleaning
    A grease interceptor is a containment device which is designed to collect and reduce the number of fats, oil, and grease in wastewater. Frequently used in foodservice establishments, interceptors remove excessive amounts of waste that may interfere with proper drainage and treatment of wastewater.

    The wastewater from plate rinsing sinks, dishwashers, and food disposal systems flow into an interceptor and is retained in the trap. Over a period of time, grease and other particles separate from the water. The grease due to its lighter and less dense nature floats to the top while the water and food particles sink to the bottom. After an hour, wastewater is then discharged into the sewer system. The remaining food waste and grease should then be periodically pumped out and removed from the kitchen system.

    Grease interceptor cleaning should be done at least annually to ensure proper working order. The length of time between each interceptor cleaning varies. Typical cleaning time is usually every three months. However, facilities with smaller systems or where required by local state laws and regulations may need monthly cleaning.

    In this business, we let our service do the talking. We have several testimonials from all our customers that can prove our excellent services. We believe that customer satisfaction should be prioritized and everything else will follow.

    Here are more reasons why you should choose us:

    Expertise and Experience
    With our wide experience in grease trap cleaning, we can say that no restaurant is the same. We have encountered a lot of grease trap issues and we can say that we all resolved them properly. We call ourselves “experts” in this field because we have a solution to all your grease trap cleaning concerns.

    All our staffs are professionals. We make sure that we equip our technicians with the right knowledge and give them the proper training for them to carry out their jobs properly.

    Competitive Pricing
    Our prices are competitive. We make sure that every dollar spent on us is worthy of our services, and we do not disappoint. We have a competitive pricing scheme that other companies do not have. We also do not have any hidden charges. Our prices are inclusive of all the charges and every item is itemized for the benefit of the client.

    State-of-the-art equipment
    We invest in our equipment. We only use the best quality equipment for all our services. We take pride in using the latest tools and state-of-the-art equipment to make work easier and faster. We invest in our manpower and equipment to give you nothing but the best. But we do not stop there. We continue to train our staff for them to be well-motivated and to continuously work with professionalism.

    Licensed, bonded, insured
    Our company is licensed, bonded and insured for your protection and peace of mind. We have a license to operate around New York City and other neighboring areas.

    Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
    We do not stop until we meet 100% customer satisfaction because we believe that our customers are the lifeblood of our business. We make sure to give only the best service so we can proudly say we did our jobs well.

    Yes, even late at night or even in the wee hours of the morning, you can call us should you need our service. We have an emergency team ready to serve you 24/7. We also have around the clock customer service agents ready to take your call should you need to place one.

    Give us a call and we’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote. Trust only Grease Trap Cleaning NYC for all your grease trap cleaning needs!

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