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    Ventilation and Filter Cleaners

    If the ventilation systems of your commercial kitchen are not cleaned on a regular basis, accumulation of grease deposits, oil and fat deposits can present a significant fire hazard. The ventilation and filter cleaners are important to be cleaned regularly to keep in compliance with NFPA-96 Standard.

    Grease buildup in the kitchen hood systems can reduce the air movement within the system and can cause damage to the internal ductwork components including the fan. In rare cases, the damage can be so severe that the fan and other ductwork components are needed to be replaced.

    The accumulated grease in the kitchen exhaust system can also reduce the extraction efficiency and can result in poor working condition for your staff and can possibly lead to kitchen hood system failure. However, when the vents are regularly cleaned, the risk of fire is reduced.

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    New York Hood Cleaning can help avoid all these problems with regular cleaning suited specifically for your hood cleaning needs. Our services are suited to all types of commercial kitchens. We clean your hoods in accordance with the standards set by NFPA-96.

    Why are access doors important?

    The most effective and efficient way of cleaning the kitchen hoods is by accessing as much of the whole system as possible. In order to reach parts of the system including horizontal and vertical ductworks, openings must be installed to clean these areas.

    The sections 7.4.1 and 7.4.2 of NFPA-96 recommend the installation of openings that are huge enough to allow thorough cleaning at a minimum of every 12 feet of your horizontal ductworks and on every floor of your vertical ductwork. It is also essential to have access doors at every change of direction.

    Kitchen hood cleaning will help you stay in compliance with the governing regulation and it will protect your investment in terms of the structure. It will also bring safety to you and your loved ones. Many people are willing to invest in good kitchen hood cleaning operators because they know the benefits it can give to them.

    Who are qualified for kitchen hood cleaning jobs?

    The governing standard provides also the qualification of the people who will perform the job. The rule states that your entire exhaust system shall be inspected for grease build-up only by a properly trained, qualified and certified persons that are acceptable to the authority and have jurisdiction and qualification. Kitchen exhaust cleaning cannot be done by your staff or by anyone. While restaurant employees are expected to clean the exterior surfaces of exhaust hoods as part of the normal hood cleaning procedures, thorough cleaning of the system is to be carried out by certified kitchen exhaust cleaning professionals.

    Give us a call now and we’ll offer you a free quotation of our hood cleaning services. New York Hood Cleaning is the most trusted company of business owners when it comes to kitchen hood cleaning. We guarantee to keep your business running through our efficient and effective hood cleaning services.

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