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    Restaurant Hood Cleaning Services

    New York Hood Cleaning provides top-notch restaurant hood cleaning services for a variety of commercial kitchens and restaurants across the New York area. We commonly cater to hotels, schools, restaurants, and cafeterias. Our vast experience and professionalism allow us to become the most trusted hood cleaning company in New York City.

    We understand that cleanliness and quality are held at high standards in all restaurants. That is why we are committed to providing the best hood cleaning service in the area. New York Hood Cleaning is a certified kitchen exhaust cleaning company in accordance with NFPA-96 Standard and is in compliance with all the local fire codes in New York. In addition to that, our highly trained and competitive staff is full of skilled and licensed hood cleaning professionals. We provide extensive and periodic cleaning of your entire kitchen including the ducts, fans, and hoods. Routine cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system will allow you to comply with your insurance requirements and with the NFPA-96 Standard.

    We are the Top-Rated Hood Cleaning Company in New York

    We are a reputable hood cleaning company in New York. Our work is known to turn heads after completion. When you choose to hire us, we assure that you are getting the best quality kitchen equipment cleaning service in the area. We excel in this business because we do not just take care of your cleaning needs; we also educate and inform along the way.

    We know that running a food prep business like a restaurant is no easy task. The list of things to handle is endless. According to the NFPA-96 Standard, one of three restaurant fires in the United States are caused by grease buildup. You don’t want this to happen to your establishment. Let our experienced and knowledgeable staff handle your hood cleaning needs. We will thoroughly inspect commonly overlooked areas that may be hidden from plain view, to determine if there is a hazard present. During our inspection, we will explain our process to you, and in addition, we will provide tips on proper upkeeping of your kitchen hood system. 

    Schedule of Kitchen Hood Cleaning

    The NFPA-96 Standard provides information as to when kitchen hood systems should be cleaned. The schedule depends on the type of food you prepare and cook and how often you use your kitchen hood system.

    Commercial kitchen cleaning and restaurant hood cleaning requirements are set in place by the local fire marshals, insurance companies and local health inspectors. We usually recommend professional hood cleaning every 90 days to ensure a good cleaning of your kitchen hoods. However, this can vary from restaurant to restaurant. 

    If you are in need of restaurant hood cleaning services, call us today and we will give you a free quote of our services. We would be glad to provide a schedule for the cleaning of your kitchen hoods at the most convenient time that works for you and your establishment. Trust only New York Hood Cleaning for all your kitchen hood cleaning needs.


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