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    Restaurant Hood Cleaning NYC

    If you are looking for the top restaurant hood cleaning NYC, then you are at the right page. New York Hood Cleaning is the professional hood cleaning company that goes the extra mile to provide you with excellent cleaning and top of the line service. Our professionals are experts in providing detailed inspections of your commercial kitchen and give it the cleaning that it deserves. We guarantee to provide you with a clean, safe and comfortable kitchen. You can be confident in running your kitchen because it is free from unnecessary fire hazards like grease, fats, and oils.

    What sets us apart from our fellow restaurant hood cleaning NYC is through our detailed inspections and complete kitchen exhaust system cleaning. Our licensed technicians take care of your entire kitchen system by cleaning all the areas of your exhaust system including the fans, checking the roof for any grease buildup, cleaning the ducts, and even helping with grease baffle filters. This is the kind of service we provide. We leave no stone unturned and we ensure that maximum cleanliness is given to you.

    The Importance of a Clean Kitchen

    Keeping a clean kitchen is always a priority when you are in the food prep business. A dirty kitchen hood system can be the cause of serious problems such as fires and pests. At New York Hood Cleaning, we take the cleanliness of your system seriously. With our keen eye to details, thorough inspection, deep cleaning and friendly advice for future maintenance, you will achieve the well-rounded attention that your kitchen deserves.

    Commercial and restaurant kitchen always involve risks when conducting business. When you have so much food to prepare and to cook, you have expensive equipment and kitchen staff that needs to be safe, it can be hard not to worry. A restaurant fire can be devastating in so many levels, but with New York Hood Cleaning, you can have the peace of mind that you deserve. Our team will make sure to remove grease from your exhaust system to keep it safe.

    Is it Time for Your Routine Hood Cleaning?

    Below are some of the things that you can check if you are wondering if it is time for cleaning your kitchen exhaust system:

    ·       Do you notice any visible residue from grease that you cannot remove by scrubbing even when cleaning regularly?

    ·       Do you smell any foul grease odor coming from the ductwork of your kitchen hoods?

    ·       Do you hear any rattling sounds from your exhaust fan?

    ·       Do you see any grease stains on your roof?

    ·       Do you notice any dents on your hood system?

    If most of your answers are yes, then call us immediately so we can schedule your routine hood cleaning.

    You can check with the fire marshal, your insurance company and your local health inspector to find out the cleaning service requirements for your restaurant. Beyond those requirements, New York Hood Cleaning recommends cleaning your kitchen hoods every 90 days to maintain a true clean. 

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