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    Restaurant Grease Hood Cleaning

    A restaurant has always a busy kitchen. If you are one of the commercial kitchen operators in New York City, restaurant grease hood cleaning is required. When you need a reliable and professional hood cleaning company, New York Hood Cleaning is the best choice. We provide all the essential commercial kitchen exhaust fan, hood and duct cleaning services you need to keep your restaurant kitchen clean for your staff and customers.

    We are a full-service restaurant grease hood cleaning company for food service businesses, restaurants or commercial kitchens in New York. We provide cost-effective solutions to your kitchen hood problems. Our experience in the industry is what sets us apart from our fellow hood cleaning companies.

    We understand that you want a service that is unique and personally customized for your needs. Our cleaning procedures give us an edge because we only use natural cleaning products and the best line of equipment. We also provide the best cleaning schedule that will have the least disruption to your kitchen’s operations because we value your time. We will work around your schedule and get the hood cleaning job done when you need it.

    Grease Accumulation in Your Hoods

    When you neglect your routine kitchen exhaust system cleaning, grease vapors accumulate and solidify in your hoods. Grease accumulation is a natural result for kitchen hood systems. However, it is the responsibility of the owner to limit and manage the grease buildup. The hood filters play an important role in limiting the amount of grease that accumulates into the ductwork and exhaust fan, but deposits do collect over time.

    These grease deposits must be removed to prevent any occurrence of fire in the kitchen. A recent study showed that one of three restaurant fires in the United States is caused by restaurant fire. The best way to guarantee a safe and operable kitchen hood system is through complete removal of all grease buildup. 

    New York Hood Cleaning provides a bare metal clean which is required by NFPA-96 Standard. We see to it that all grease which has accumulated in your hoods are removed thoroughly because we care about fire safety and the livelihood of the commercial kitchen owners and operators. We never cut corners when it comes to cleaning your kitchen hoods. We believe that the safety of businesses should be a priority. Our professional team makes sure that our proprietary cleaning methods will always clean 100% of your kitchen exhaust system, leaving no areas uncleaned.

    We are the Grease Experts!

    We will conduct a walkthrough procedure to understand your expectations and are informed of specific requirements while you show us around. When we learn the restaurant’s layout and the equipment present, we will inspect the facility from the hood over the stove, the ventilation ductwork and all the way to the roof exhaust fan system. We will also identify areas of concern and draft recommended solutions to them. 

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