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    Range Hood Cleaning

    Being a commercial kitchen operator in New York requires strict compliance with local fire codes and regulations. No matter how big or small your commercial kitchen is, it is necessary that you keep in strict compliance with NFPA-96 Standard for fire safety pertaining to commercial kitchens. When you need an expert and reliable range hood cleaning company, New York Hood Cleaning is the best choice.

    Even when not in use, your kitchen exhaust system still needs to be serviced and inspected by a reputable cleaning company. Your kitchen hoods will still experience grease build-up even if there isn’t a lot of grease used to cook the foods in your kitchen.

    Grease- the enemy of profits in kitchen business

    Commercial kitchens create different levels of grease exhaust depending on the type of food they prepare in the kitchen. Some of the cooking equipment which create a greater volume of grease build-up include solid fuel cooking, grills, wok cooking and high-volume fryer operations. Even low volume cooking operations will also have to deal with traces of oil, grease and dirt accumulating over time on the surface of ventilation ducts.

    Highly flammable creosote build-up from solid-fuel cooking such as a wood burning pizza oven can create a hazardous situation when combined with other grease deposits. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) the combination of grease and creosote in exhaust ducts can be easier to ignite than creosote alone and can burn even hotter.

    Using the proper hood filters doesn’t guarantee that your hoods will be grease-free. A certain amount of grease will definitely find its way in over the passage of time. During cooking, fats, oils and greases become vaporized and are drawn up to your exhaust system.

    About Us

    New York Hood Cleaning was built on cleaning the entire exhaust system from roofing to cook top. When you neglect your exhaust systems, it can cause a fire hazard that could cost you your business, and also personal injury. Our proven cleaning method has earned us valuable customers in the hood cleaning industry. We make sure that we document our performance of each job with photos and service reports.

    Methods of Cleaning Kitchen Hoods

    1.       Hand Scraping

    This method is the more economical and is extremely effective when done properly. It is usually done by simply scraping the accumulation of grease from the walls of the kitchen exhaust system. Although scraping is an effective method of removing grease for the exhaust system, it’s not the most thorough method because there are certain areas which are unreachable due to human’s limit.

    2.       Pressure washing or steam cleaning

    This method is the alternative to scraping. Though the down point of this method is that it is more costly and time consuming since it requires considerable preparatory work to control waste water and more expensive equipment is needed. However, this method will clean ductwork down to “bare metal” which is the recommendation of the NFPA-96 Standard. This method delivers impressive results and provides an absolute thorough cleaning of every corner of the exhaust system.

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