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    Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

    Kitchen operators in New York City are mandated by NFPA-96 Standard to have their kitchen hoods cleaned regularly. Kitchen exhaust hood cleaning is the best way to keep your kitchen appliances running smoothly. Complete exhaust hood cleaning is from cooktop top down the bottom. This process is critical in maintaining a safe, fully operational kitchen. This is because grease can easily ignite in whatever state- solid, liquid or vapor form.

    According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), there are over 11,000 fires which occur annually in restaurants and kitchens, resulting in multimillion-dollar damages. To prevent such unfortunate events, routine kitchen exhaust hood cleaning is important.

    Some of the findings of the NFPA are as follows:

    • Almost half of all fires in the United States start in the kitchen. Certain types of cooking equipment caused two of every five fires. Second, in the ranking is deep fat fryers which result in dollar loss.

    • The other cause of restaurant fires are stoves, ovens fired grills and grease hood or ductwork.

    • Majority of kitchen fires began on a cook line beneath an exhaust canopy hood equipped with a kind of automatic fire suppression system.

    Don’t risk your investment

    You can count on New York Hood Cleaning for best-in-class kitchen exhaust hood cleaning. With regular kitchen hood cleaning, we guarantee to restore your kitchen hoods and ductworks to optimal condition. 

    Our technicians are certified, trained and follow all the regulations set aside by NFPA-96 Standard. When performing kitchen hood cleaning, we see to it that we thoroughly clean all the areas of your kitchen hoods. We serve restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, and schools. Homeowners and business people choose us for their kitchen exhaust hood cleaning because of our reputation for reliability and long-term performance.

    Top Ten Reasons for Exhaust Hood Cleaning

    1. Reduce the chance of fire to occur and damage your property

    2. Maintain the proper airflow inside your kitchen:

    • Reduce foul odors and excess smoke caused by oils and grease

    • Provides a cooler working environment

    • Helps in maintaining the air balance in the kitchen. 

    • Prevents the build-up of grease that can reduce the amount of air being exhausted

    • Extends the life of your kitchen hoods

    3. Provides a safe, clean and comfortable working environment for your employees and customers

    4. Reduce your insurance costs

    5. Remain in compliance with the NFPA-96 Standard

    6. Remain in compliance with local fire codes

    7. Remain in compliance with state and local health codes and regulations

    8. Avoiding breach of landlord and tenant lease

    9. Remain in compliance with roofing warranties

    10. Reduce premature roof decays and damage which can occur from rooftop grease

    New York Hood Cleaning follows the recommendation of NFPA-96 Standard when it comes to the frequency of kitchen exhaust hood cleaning. We will be the one to create your schedule moving forward so you won’t have to worry about it.

    Call us now and let us help you in keeping your business compliant with kitchen exhaust hood cleaning.


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