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    The build-up of grease within the vents of a restaurants air extraction hood system is the primary cause of a fire in a kitchen. Fatty acids are flammable agents that can drip from the interior components of hood air filter vents and contaminate a perfectly functioning flat grill or a fresh basket of frying foods. Fact number one imposes that old grease and oils can ruin the taste of the flavorful foods that most Staten Island food service providers strive to offer to the public. Factor number two implies the requirements dictated by New York City Fire Codes, state, and federal health and environmental regulations.

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    The issues surrounding governmental regulations encompass an extremely sensitive faction of standards that serve as a device to ensure the safety of employees and the general population. Certificate holding kitchen exhaust cleaning technicians possess the knowledge necessary to inspect, secure the assembly, and properly remove exhaust and waste from commercial workspace ventilation systems. Many aspects of such functions apply to the variety of components that make up a commercial kitchen exhaust system. For reference, a complete description concerning the certification can be found at to better serve your interest. In order to better facilitate the criteria ensued in adhering to the governmental policies and the tangential materials that manifest the effectiveness and measures required of ventilation hoods and exhaust systems, an elaborative analytical review is necessary.

    In cleaning your kitchen exhaust system, hood cleaning service professionals use a food-safe degreaser and hot water pressure-washing is used to sanitize areas where tough grease is lodged, between crevices and under panels. The task of removing all grease particles is completed on site. Hood cleaners wear appropriate safety gear, and a protective covering is placed over the other cooking equipment used in your kitchen. Grease collected is placed in containers and properly disposed of.

    Kitchen Hood Cleaning New York City

    Work is usually completed in 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the hood, and is performed during non-business hours. Most of all, prices are affordable. Another conceptual perspective curtails the idea that kitchen hoods and the grease filtration process should be maintained by properly cleaning the hood and filters of excess grease. A heavy grease load can be a dangerous fire hazard, prevent the flow of fresh air, and expel contaminant fumes into the air. Failing to regularly cater to preventing heavy grease loads can cost a restaurant business it’s operating license.

    A FDNY certified citywide (W-64) kitchen hood cleaner will assess such an occurrence and follow a checklist provided by the New York City Fire Department. Of course, the most obvious New York City Fire Code requirement requires that all businesses that utilize a kitchen hood ventilation and filtering system possess an FDNY permit in order to so. Finally, it is important to understand that certified kitchen hood cleaners are required to train all of its employees the proper procedures necessary concerning the proper handling of grease removal and the assurance of compliance regarding kitchen hood fresh air

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