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    We know how important it is for your kitchen exhaust system to be clean and free from any grease build-up. Your kitchen should operate in a clean and safe manner for the benefit of your patrons who dine in your homes or restaurants. 

    New York Hood Cleaning is the leading industrial hood cleaning company in New York. All our technicians are equipped with sufficient knowledge of NFPA-96 Standard so we can guarantee that you will only get the best service. We are an exhaust cleaning company with professional certification.

    Improperly maintained kitchen exhaust systems directly affect you and your employees. It can cause fire and poor air ventilation inside your kitchen. It is important that your kitchen is NFPA-96 Standard compliant to be able to continue your business.

    What is Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning?

    Kitchen exhaust cleaning is the process of removing greases that have accumulated inside the exhaust systems of commercial kitchens. Proper cleaning of the entire kitchen exhaust system includes the hoods, filters, fans, and all associated horizontal and vertical ductworks. It is important to monitor this because when left unclean, these exhaust systems can accumulate grease over time which is extremely prone to fire hazards. 

    What we offer at New York Hood Cleaning

    We offer all kinds of kitchen exhaust cleaning services from rooftop grease clean up, kitchen hood degreasing, vent and hood cleaning, hot water sanitizing and many more. We take pride in doing high-quality, thorough, fire-code compliant cleaning for all our customers. Some of our services for kitchen exhaust cleaning include:

    • Hand Scraping

    This is basically the simplest form of kitchen hood cleaning. It also economical and can be effective when done properly. It is accomplished by a person simply scraping the grease from the walls of the exhaust system. We guarantee you an effective cleaning of your kitchen exhaust system with this method.

    • Pressure Washing or Steam Cleaning

    This is our alternative method to hand scraping which is more effective than hand scraping because it will clean the ductwork down to “bare metal” which is the recommendation of the NFPA-96 Standard. We use high-end equipment to thoroughly clean all areas of your exhaust system. This method is more effective than hand scraping because it can reach all the areas of your exhaust system which a hand-scraping method cannot do.

    We highly recommend you to have both methods for a better kitchen exhaust system. Most kitchens require hand scraping at least once a month and we recommend that steam cleaning be done at least 2-4 times in a year. However, these can still vary depending on your kitchen usage and the size of the hoods installed in your kitchen. The frequency of cleaning is stated in NFPA-96 Standard.

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