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    Do I Need A Hood Cleaner?

    The NFPA 96 Fire Codes incorporate guidelines and a host of details concerning hood filters that dictate individual components that must remain in compliance with the realm of federal laws. A variety of kitchen hood accessories, such as grease filters and grease extraction systems, baffles, and spark arrestors are listed with specific guidelines that express certain standards that must be maintained. These standards, in most cases, are definitive in encompassing proper grease and debris removing techniques. Ideally, a professional hood cleaning service is an assertive measure in ensuring that food service industry providers
    is NFPA 96 Fire Code compliant?

    NFPA 96 Importance In Restaurants.

    NFPA 96 Fire Codes provide insight that identifies a standard of procedures that coincide with the necessary steps regarding fire prevention, along with the proper devices that must be installed in a kitchen hood system. For instance, NFPA 96 Fire Code 14.5.2 provides the equipment, such as spark removers, and the parallel operative component, a grease removal device; and how these items must be installed in the proper sequence in order to prevent airborne sparks from entering a hood and duct system.

    How To Find The Right Kitchen Hood Cleaner

    Choosing the right hood system requires knowledge regarding hood filters, hood filter material, and hood filter construction. Concepts that parallel the knowledge required involve fixations and installation.
    While considering fire preventive hood filters, a broad range of the sort does exist. Realizing that welded hood filters have baffles that are fixed to the frame is a key sense of understanding. Some hood filters are riveted, while these are made up of different components that are bonded by rivets.

    Many hood filters are considered spark arrestors, whereas these are made of steel mesh materials. Professional kitchen hood cleaners appreciate Franklin hinged filters while opening the sort is modest in the effort. Hinged hood filters are designed for heavy duty grease trapping, and in most cases, professional hood cleaners are best utilized in order to properly eliminate contaminate waste. The most heavy-duty filter, the capture hood filters, are relied upon to trap grease and provide less wear and tear within the flow of the remaining body of the exhaust filter system.

    Finally, taking into consideration the size of a kitchen’s operation is a key factor in abiding by NFPA 96 Fire Code standards. While most assume that kitchen hood filters are mediums to control exhaust, it is important to remember that fire prevention is mandatory by law.

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