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Cooking Oil Recycling NYC

Used Cooking Oil Gets Picked Up!

    Cooking Oil Recycling NYC

    Do you know that recycling two gallons of used oil can generate enough electricity to run an average household for almost 24 hours? Cooking Oil Recycling, New York City is a company established to prepare oil recycling. We are a fully-licensed company so you can trust us when it comes to your oil recycling services.

    Cooking oil recycling is essential for when you own a restaurant or commercial kitchen in New York City. It is also necessary to comply with the local health standards and for the protection of the environment. It is required to follow the correct protocol when it comes to cooking oil recycling. Clean recycled cooking oil can help in delivering a superior product to your customers. Moreover, proper cooking oil disposal eliminates harmful effects on the environment. When converted to inexpensive, alternative fuels like biodiesel, waste cooking oil can turn into an asset.

    However, not all the waste oil we collected is suitable for fuel production. What’s not suitable is disposed of properly in an environmentally-friendly way. Cooking Oil Recycling, New York City dedicates itself in keeping your commercial kitchen grease-free.

    We are Experts in Cooking Oil Recycling

    Cooking Oil Recycling, New York City has an exceptional reputation throughout New York City. We are the most trusted company of restaurant owners for their cooking oil recycling services. We provide top-notch services to all customers of our cooking oil recycling services. We always bring the same passion and dedication to our kitchen services to offer the best solution for our customers. We are a fully-licensed and fully-insured company to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

    What Kind of Oil do We Recycle?

    Here at Cooking Oil Recycling, New York City, we recycle various types of oil, including:

    • Used Cooking Oil
    • Waste Vegetable Oil
    • Yellow Grease

    Our Services


    At Cooking Oil Recycling, New York City, we provide each customer with the right size of used cooking oil waste container needed to meet customer recycling demands. Whether you need a 30-gallon plastic used oil drum or 320-gallon box-type bulk container, we can deliver! We will evaluate your facility and operation to provide you with the right container that is suitable for your needs.


    Cooking Oil Recycling, New York City offers a quick, clean, and timely pick-up of used cooking oil and grease. We established collection intervals in advance with our customers to make sure that there is no surprise overflows. We generally schedule a weekly or bi-weekly service cycle. If you have a unique collection request, we can tailor a collection interval suited ideally to your needs.

    Get Your Used Cooking Oil Recycled!

    Cooking Oil Recycling, New York City was established to provide comprehensive used cooking oil, waste vegetable oil, and yellow grease recycling services throughout New York City. We are a locally owned and operated company. You can find us frequenting the same restaurants and food establishments that we cater to. We always give 100% to all the jobs we handle, and we sincerely care about our customers. We are a responsible company, and we guarantee a quick, clean, and friendly service all the time.

    The United States alone produces more than 2.5 billion gallons of used cooking oil per year. Cooking Oil Recycling, New York City does our share in creating environmental sustainability by recycling the used cooking oil. We provide feedstock for biofuels and other products and help them reduce carbon footprint, lower energy costs, and create a safer environment.

    We value all our customer like family. We treat them with integrity, honesty, and professionalism. We take pride in providing quality customer service that can exceed your expectations. We are very hands-on, have complete knowledge of every aspect of our business. We believe in operating with absolute transparency.

    • Local

    We work directly with our clients daily and develop a personal working relationship with each restaurant and commercial food establishment we serve.

    • 24/7 Communication

    We provide dependable services and excellent customer service. You can always reach us through email and our phone number.

    • Certified

    We are duly-registered, certified, and licensed to perform cooking oil recycling services.

    Every restaurant and commercial kitchen operator need to dispose of properly their used cooking oil following local health guidelines. As part of our compliance and commitment to our environment, all of our customers receive a timely and proper collection of used cooking oil. We recycle the used cooking oil we collected for use in a variety of products like Bio-diesel and the generation of synthetic gas.

    Our modern fleet of trucks and professional drivers offer reliable, prompt, and consistent service. We custom-tailor our services for all our customers’ needs. We allow them the convenience of managing their foodservice establishment’s used cooking oil with one reliable source.

    Cooking Oil Recycling, New York City provides the most advanced and durable leak-proof containers that will be placed in your corral. We offer them free of charge, and we mark the well to ensure that there is no confusion with your other containers. We offer a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs.

    It is an alternative fuel that is produced and filtered of harmful chemicals and carcinogens. Compared to standard sulfur-laden diesel, biodiesel is cleaner. There is also a more straightforward process involve in the manufacturing of pure biodiesel than rendering it from contemporary fossils.

    Biodiesel is a substitute fuel that reduces global-warming-causing gases and asthma-causing dust particles. We can all help in saving our environment by regularly recycling our used cooking oil to be used as an alternative fuel in our city buses and government vehicles.

    The biodiesel produced at Cooking Oil Recycling, New York City has helped in reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

    Some of the benefits of our cooking oil recycling services are the following:

    • You only need one supplier to have all of your food service facility liquid waste removed. We do it quickly, cleanly, and with minimal impact on your daily operations.
    • We simplify your administrative costs.
    • You’ll get to enjoy the personal care of our dedicated and professional team.
    • Expect to receive a fast response from us.
    • You can gain peace of mind from a company with the highest legal compliance and environmental standards.
    • You can reduce your overall liquid waste disposal costs by sharing in the commodity value for your used cooking oil.

    You become a partner for changing the environment sustainability. Cooking Oil Recycling, New York City continuously explore new ways to reuse waste oil as an energy source.

    As a restaurant owner, it is crucial to have professional services you can trust to collect and dispose of your used cooking oil. You are also helping the environment because the used oil does not end up disposed of improperly and potentially contaminating groundwater supplies.

    Because it can be recycled, your used cooking oil can create other sustainable fuels that can help lower our dependence on foreign oil suppliers. If you have a convenient and well-managed program of cooking oil disposal, it will increase your operational efficiency.

    Cooking Oil Recycling, New York City is dedicated to providing the best cooking oil recycling services for all our customers. Our commitment to our clients is evident in the fact that we are the most trusted company for cooking oil recycling. Our referrals are also increasing, too. We pride ourselves in knowing that our customers see us as a partner in their operations. We are your reliable source that stands behind solid integrity and professionalism.

    Cooking Oil Recycling NYC
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